Illinois (Chicago)

Regional Coordinator: Don Wittmer, P.E.

Registration is Open for the 2022-2023 Future City Competition

Register now for the 2023 Future City Competition! 

Register your student team here. 

Registration closes October 31, 2022 

Future City starts with a question - How can we make the world a better place?

To answer it, middle school students imagine, research, design, and build future cities that showcase their solution to a citywide sustainability issue. The 2022-23 Future City Competition will challenge your middle school students to research, design, and create a city that exists 100 years in the future and incorporate futuristic solutions to climate changeThis year, teams will tackle the Climate Change Challenge by choosing a climate change impact and designing one innovative and futuristic climate change adaptation and one mitigation strategy to keep their residents healthy and safe.

This flexible, cross-curricular educational program allows students to do what engineers do—identify problems, brainstorm ideas, design solutions, test, retest, build, and share their results. Future City is an engaging way to build students’ 21st-century STEAM skills.

Once your student team is registered, begin preparing your project. 

Throughout the fall, participants work in teams of at least three students, an educator, and a volunteer mentor to bring their vision of their future city to life. They will imagine what it’s like like to walk down the main street of a city 100 years in the future. What do they see, hear, smell, and feel? From this starting point, they will design a futuristic city with innovative solutions to some of today’s most pressing sustainability issues.

This year’s challenge asks students to address climate change in their city. As the middle school students create their cities, they will:

  • Use the engineering design process and project management steps to take on a large-scale project;
  • Apply their math and science knowledge to a real-world problem
  • Strengthen their teamwork and problem-solving skills;
  • And more!

Questions? Ask Jake – a Future City alumnus and the current program manager!