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Regional Coordinator: Don Wittmer, P.E.

Urbana - Club Shows Off Skills Before Competition

Theme: Design a Power Grid That Can Withstand and Recover from Natural Disaster


URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) -- A group of middle school students is taking its creativity to a competition in Chicago. See video here.

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Future City Club is a nationwide middle school program. Students design and build a model of a futuristic city. The competition has a different theme every year. This year, it is "Powering Our Future."

Eighteen Urbana Middle School students came up with a way to do that through grids and solved a problem along the way. "We decided to do a microgrid where there's more than one grid, there are several grids. So if one of them shuts off the power will still go to the same houses because there's more than one way for the power to get there. That's another thing that sets our city apart," said Eve Foley, a 7th grader at Urbana Middle School. The competition is on Saturday.  

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Future City® State of Illinois

The State of Illinois Future City Competition® is celebrating its 27rd year as a regional group in the national competition. The regional competition is comprised of teams, schools, and professionals from Illinois.  In addition to the actual competition, Annual Chicago Engineers Benefit Dinner showcases the top local teams and award winners. For more information, visit our website here or go to

Future City® Regional Coordinator

Don Wittmer, P.E., HNTB


Future City® Regional Committee

Matthew Miller, P.E., HNTB


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