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Regional Coordinator: Don Wittmer, P.E.

Watch the 2021 National Future City® Competition Video and Check out the Winners!

Experience all the fun and excitement of the 2021 Future City® Finals Awards Celebration from April 7, 2021! Meet the top 5 teams, watch the special awards announcements, and enjoy the reveal of this season's grand-prize winner! 

Houston Region Wins Grand Prize At 29th Annual Future City® Competition

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A city of the future – SIDRA-XIV – engineered by students from Al-Hadi School of Accelerative Learning in Houston, Texas – has won the Grand Prize today at the 29th year of the prestigious international 2021 Future City® Competition. The students, Mansha Ali, Mariyam Fatima, Hani Mirza, Dayyem Raza, Fatima Razzak, Mahdi Rizvi,  Mohammad Ali Rizvi, Zainab Rizvi and Sukaina Salim teamed with educator Syeda Batool as well as volunteer mentor Syed Rizvi, to earn this year’s top honors.

“This competition can help the future of this world and event organizations like NASA solve problems for the future,” says 8th grader Mohammad Ali Rizvi. “What I appreciate about this competition is that I can take away many deliverables that I will use in the future, like the engineering design process. I can see using the engineering design process in many situations that I will be involved with in the future,” says 8th grader Sukaina Salim.

Since last fall, middle school students in 37 US regions as well as teams from China, Canada and Nigeria have imagined, designed and built cities for DiscoverE’s 2020-2021 Future City® Competition. This year’s theme, Living on the Moon, challenged students to design life on the moon at least one hundred years from now, when lunar habitats have already progressed through multiple levels of development.

Thank you everyone for making it a success. We look forward to next year's competition!