New England

Regional Coordinator: Reed Brockman, P.E.

We are off and running! Our kickoff ThinkSession is posted for everyone to use.

On Saturday, October 28, three experts on designing for an age-friendly community, got together at the BSA Space in Boston to share with all the Future City teams some of the thoughts that go into designing a community that is friendly towards an aging population.

The experts are:

  • Kara Cohen, Massachusetts Regional Outreach Director, AARP
  • Valerie Fletcher, Executive Director, The Institute for Human Centered Design
  • Cierra Peters, Boston resident / community activist / artist / future urban planner

The event was put together by BSCES volunteers Reed Brockman, Olivia Richards, Alyson Stuer, Reed Brockman and Jim Velino.  The BSCES Model Bridge Contest kicked off at the same time, with the materials being paint paddles and hot glue.