New York (New York City)

Regional Coordinator: Karen Armfield, P.E.

Before you make your SIM City...


First: take some paper and pencil and plan with your students…


Ask them to discuss the questions below…


How should you lay out your city?



What are the important qualities they would like to see in their city?



What kind of transportation? There should be multiple choices.



How far should the houses be from the workplaces? How will the people get to work?



What kind of homes? Make sure they are looking at all segments of the population?



What kind of manufacturing? What will be the industries of the future?



What kind of recreational facilities? Parks, sports, marinas, lakes, etc…



What kind of other amenities are needed? Schools, police, hospitals, libraries, museums, etc…



What kind of commercial services will they need? Shopping malls, movies, grocery stores, etc…



How would they run their city financially? What are their priorities?



What kind of power system are you using in your city?



How are you getting water and electricity to your citizens? What other utilities do they need?



What will you do with the garbage from your city?



Are you making sustainable choices in your city?



What other ideas do the students think are important to making a city successful?




If you build a city according to the answers to your questions above, will that be a growing sustainable city? Would the students want to live in that city?  Do the students have any ideas to improve on any of these necessities?


Once you know what kind of city you want for your citizens and once the students have thought out their ideas for a successful city, then go onto the computer and try to make a city that meets these ideals?