Regional Coordinator: Karen Pavletich


The Future City Competition is a national program sponsored by the engineering community to promote technological literacy and engineering to middle school students. It is in its 23rd year of existence. This is the 20th year the Regional Competition has been held in the State of Washington and the 17th year that it has been hosted by the Seattle Section IEEE in Seattle. The local Regional Competition is organized and managed by a local steering committee and supported financially by local sponsors.


The program fosters an interest in math, science, and engineering through hands-on, real world applications. The competition is open to all public, private, home, and parochial schools. The Regional Finals of the Future City Competition are held in January every year. The National Finals of the Future City Competition are a featured event during National Engineers Week, with students from across the country competing in Washington, D.C. The winning team from Washington State Regional Competition will advance to the national competition in Washington, D.C.


The Challenge: Design and Build a Future City

The solution includes developing a project plan, a logical model of the city using SimCity 4 software, a team-made physical scale model, an essay, a narrative, and an oral presentation.

Virtual City - No longer required deliverable

Students can still explore building virtual city using SimCity software.  SimCity codes available upon registration 


1. City Essay - Due 12/18/22

Students describe the unique attributes of their city and provide a solution to this year’s challenge: Choose a climate change impact and design one innovative and futuristic climate change adaptation and one mitigation strategy to keep your residents healthy and safe.
(1,500 words maximum)   Late submittal   by Jan. 4  - 5 point deduction.  by date Jan. 10  - 10 point deduction.

2. Project Plan - 4 Deliverables 

Students complete a Project Plan to help them plan and organize their work. They use it throughout the project. (10 points)

  • 11/4/2022 Set Goals
  • 11/18/2022  Create a Schedule  
  • 12/16/2022  Conduct Check-in Sessions  
  • 01/13/2023 Reflect on the project  

1 pt deduction for each late project plan submittal

3. City Model Slide Show  - Due 1/21/2023

Students build a physical model of a section of their city using recycled materials. In addition to showcasing
their city of the future, the City Model must also show the team’s solution to this year’s challenge and include at
least one moving part.   

4. City Presentation- Due 1/21/2023

Students conduct a 7-minute in person presentation about their future city and their solution to the challenge.

5. City Q&A - Regional Competition  - Due 1/21/2023

Students participate in person 10 minute question and answer period with the judges.  We are hopeful this will be done in person. 

Washington Teacher / Mentor Workshop

Specific information about our Washington Region - our regional competition format, time lines, details on the competition deliverables and guidance on using the handbook and Future City Website.  Please note our timeline and deliverables are preliminary.  Follow the links below to download the slide decks.