New York - Capital Region

Regional Coordinator: Diane Bertok & Greg Skiba


Changes to the 2021-22 Year: 

These changes supercede the descriptions provided in the "Presentation & Posters" section below. This year, three team members will record an up-to-7 minute video presentation. The presentation will need to be posted online (e.g., YouTube or Vimeo) and the link to where the presentation is posted will be uploaded into the Educator Dashboard. The presentation can be done in-person with a webcam or phone; virtually via Zoom, Google, or other type of video chat platform; or separately by recording each presenter individually and then editing into one video.

Presentation & Posters (50 pts)

Finally, the team prepares a seven (7) minute verbal presentation of their city. Three students represent their team presenting their city at the competition. The presentation is followed by a five (5) to eight (8) minute question/answer period from the judges. By competition day, presentations should be well polished.

Visual aids such as flip charts, foam boards, poster boards, etc., must adhere to these parameters: the display(s) must be standard size (24" x 36" for poster boards, 25" x 30" for flip charts, and 36" x 48" for tri-fold boards). Up to two poster boards or flip charts may be displayed concurrently, or one tri-fold board may be displayed at one time. The size does not include the easel, which will be provided. Other Demonstration Aids such as pointers, brochures, small mock-ups, etc. used to assist with the presentation must collectively fit within a 6" x 6" x 12" volume (shoe box). Laptops, DVD/video players, mobile devices, drones, iPods, iPads, overhead projectors, audio equipment, etc. may not be used for the presentation.

Click here for the full list of presentation requirements or here for a summary of this year's rules.


**NEW NOVEMBER 2021** Watch our Model and Presentation Tutorial, with some great tips and tricks on how to maximize your score, by visiting our YouTube page or click this link below: 

MODEL & PRESENTATION TUTORIAL LINK:    (Video uploaded November 2021)


Presentation documents are included below.