Regional Coordinator: Jayson Phillips, David Ellingson & Mike Andrews

Project management


Future City Competition Arizona Region

Project Management

This year the Arizona Region has changed the submission timeline for the project management deliverables. This change is being made to encourage students to fully utilize and realize the benefits of project management tools and techniques.

The project management deliverable is divided into 4 parts. The individual parts will be due according to the dates in the table below. Each submission will be reviewed by a project management professional and feedback will be provided to the teachers. These interim submissions will not be scored. Per National guidelines, only the final submission will be scored. 





Due Date

Feedback Sent


Set Goals

Pg. 44

Nov 22nd

Dec 2nd


Create a Schedule

Pg. 46

Nov 22nd

Dec 2nd


Check-Ins (Status)

Pg. 48

Dec 18th

Dec 27th


Reflect (Close)

Pg. 50

Jan 18th

N/A due to timing


All 4 parts in ONE PDF


Jan 18th

Scored at Competition







Additionally, a sample Excel Project Plan and PowerPoint kick off deck are available for your use at these links.  


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