Regional Coordinator: Karen Pavletich


Virtual City - No longer required deliverable

Students can still explore building virtual city using SimCity software.  SimCity codes available upon registration 

Installation Guide – Future City, Washington Region

This installation guide will help you get SimCity working both offline and online on your computer. Before beginning please ensure that your computer meets the minimum requirements as outlined below:

·         Intel– minimum 2.0 GHz Core2Duo

·         AMD – minimum  Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core 4000+

·         At least 2GB of RAM

·         10 GB of hard drive space

·         A DVD-ROM drive

·         NVIDIA 7800 or better – 512MB of memory

·         AMD / ATI Radeon HD 2x00 or better – 512MB of memory

·         Intel Series 4 IGX


**The game may still work on computers that are slower than this. However, the students may experience slowdowns during gameplay.


This guide is written in three sections. The first section requires your computer to be online to download and install the game. The second section of the guide is written for people who already have the game installed and want to play SimCity is offline mode. The third section explains how to use multiple computers on the same origin account.


Section 1: Installing the SimCity Game

Future City Nationals actually came up with a great guide on this. There is no need to create another one. Please see the link below:



Section 2: Playing in Offline Mode

There are several advantages to using the offline mode.  The main advantage is that allows multiple computers to play the SimCity game using a single Origin account. This can be extremely advantages for teachers with a large number of students.  This is explained more in Section 3.

There are two ways to force Origin into offline mode. The preferred method is to block the internet access of the computer you are playing the game on.  You can only do this if you have logged into Origin using account at least one time while the computer is online. The Origin program saves your login data for offline access.  

The second method is to leave your computer online and just tell the origin client to operate in “Offline Mode”.  I’m not a big fan of this method but it is the one suggested by Nationals.

After you have downloaded, installed and opened SimCity on the computer. You are ready to put it in offline mode. PS - Make sure to remember your Origin username and password!

Method 1:

1.       Exit and close Origin and SimCity.  The origin programs needs be exited out of completely. Be sure to close it out of the taskbar as well. This can be done by right clicking on the Origin taskbar icon and choosing “Exit”.



2.       Disable the Internet:

·         Unplug Ethernet cable from back of computer

·         Disable or Turn off the Wi-Fi adapter of the computer. Some computers require admin rights to disable the Wi-Fi adapter. Otherwise you can just use the Wi-Fi Radio button on most laptops.


3.       Open the Origin program with the internet disabled on the computer. The Origin program will startup and then pause for a short moment. Afterwards you should see a screen similar to the one below. Next type the login information you used the first time, when you installed the game. It is important to get it exactly right!  


4.       After a successful login you get a screen similar to the one below, be sure to select  “My Games”.


5.       After the game is launched select “Single Player” from the title screen.



6.       Then select “Play” and create a new game using the Whitewater Valley. Please be sure to use your “Future City Name” as the “Team Name”. That will help keep things organized on both ends.


7.       That’s it! Just play the game and build the city!


Method 2:

This method requires your computer to be online and just telling the Origin client to operate in “Offline Mode”.” Nationals has a write up on how to do this below:



Section 3: Setting Up Multiple Accounts

After origin is installed I would suggest creating several user accounts. Each origin account should have a unique SimCity download code that you received from nationals or the regional coordinator.

You can use SimCity in offline mode on 5 computers per one Origin account / SimCity game code.

As a rule of thumb I would suggest having a separate Origin Account / Game Code for every 5 computers you need SimCity installed on. (i.e. 20 computers would need 4 game codes and 4 origin accounts).

I would also suggest making the usernames and passwords easy to manage. (i.e. PacificMiddle1, PacificMiddle2, and etc). Then assign up to 5 teams to each username.

1.       On the first computer download, install, and open SimCity.

2.       After you have opened SimCity at least once, close out of SimCity and Origin.

3.       Move on to the next computer (series of 5) and use the same exact Origin login and password as the first computer.

4.       Once you are logged in you should select the “My Games” and select the SimCity game to install. Note: You should not need an additional download code since we are using the same username as the first computer, which already has a code assigned to it.

5.       Repeat steps 3-4 until you have successfully installed SimCIty on up to 5 computers on a single Origin Login.

6.       Use the next Origin username with a download code assigned to it and repeat steps 1-5.

To play SimCity in Offline Mode be sure to use the correct Origin login and password assigned to the computer. This is all outlined in Section 2.


Quick Tips:

·         Any of the 5 available cities are acceptable on the Whitewater Valley Region to choose from. Bigger may not always be better!




Send any questions or comments to louis.tibbs@washingtonfuturecity.org