New York Albany

Regional Coordinator: Diane Bertok

SimCity Design

SimCity Computer Design (48 pts)

Students use the new SimCity software to develop a logical design of a city for the future. The city must demonstrate a well-thought out plan and be a sustaining community ideally with a population of 20,000 people.  The city should also provide all residents with adequate public utility services, education, and healthcare.

Students may design their cities in any region. Another tip is to turn off random disasters. Sandbox mode is not allowed. Cheat codes are discouraged, but are not forbidden from being used to build your city.  All participants are held to a high integrity standard and will be asked to sign an Honors Statement prior to the competition. Click here for the full list of SimCity requirements or here for a summary of this year's rules.

One SimCity tutorial will be held in October. It will be offered onsite at (location TBD) and also via WebEx.  It is strongly recommended to attend the session in person; a RSVP will be required for those attending.  If you have any questions regarding the requirements or how to use SimCity please direct your questions through the regional coordinator. The submittal date for the SimCity Computer City Design is Saturday, November 17th, 2018.

SimCity Documents

Documents related to the virtual city design are included below. Also, Aaron made a folder that has a compilation of documents. You can check these documents out at the following link, which includes a recording of the presentation on October 6.