Regional Coordinator: Colleen Feller

Special Awards

Representatives from sponsoring companies/organizations choose a team to win their Special Award. Winning teams receive a plaque for their school. Each student on the team (including alternates) receives a gift bag with small prizes. Winning teams are announced and recognized either during lunch or in between the final presentations in the afternoon.

2018 Special Awards

Special Award


Winning School and Team Name

Most Innovative City Setting - Most cities are designed for the earth's surface, but a city may be developed in other environments to support human beings. The city winning this award may be built underwater, underground, on another planet, or in some equally innovative setting.


Dodge Middle School, Shadow Shore

Best Infrastructure System - Awarded to the city that encompasses infrastructure design for the community's current and future needs. The infrastructure design encompasses areas of transportation (roads, transit, and bridges), water supply and treatment, and wastewater treatment.


Friendly Hills Middle School, Gumusservi

Engineering Excellence - Awarded to the city that best integrates use of many different engineering disciplines, uses creative and practical engineering solutions, and plans for future growth.


Justice Page Middle School, Civitatem Vita

Safe Drinking Water - Awarded to the city that uses the most innovative methods to protect and provide safe drinking water.

MN Dept. of Health / AWWA

Orono Middle School, Whistler

Best Transportation System - Awarded to the city with a transportation system that best provides for: safe and efficient movement of people and goods, creative financing for transportation, various types of transportation (i.e. bikes, buses, cars, rail, etc.), water drainage for protection of roads, environmental protections, and traffic management.

SRF Consulting Group

COSP Home School, Paulsville

Most Practical Design - Awarded to the city that best considers practical implementation and sustainable use in their future city.


McGuire Middle School, Alderville

Best Industrial/Commercial Layout - Awarded to the city that best integrates industrial and commercial aspects into the infrastructure of their city.


Princeton Middle School, Lanakai City

Most Innovative Power System - Awarded to the city with an innovative power system that addresses critical requirements, including reliability, disaster planning, environmental impact, and cost effectiveness.


Westwood Middle School, Alati

Readiness for Natural and Manmade Disasters - Given to the team that has demonstrated the most thought into addressing risks to its infrastructure and populous stemming from potential natural and man-made disasters.


Black Hawk Middle School, Hyperion

Best Rail Infrastructure - Awarded to the city that best utilizes freight and passenger rail in its infrastructure.


Twin Oaks Middle School, Benopolis

Most Environmentally Friendly Power Source - Awarded to the city that designs an outstanding system to deliver power to a community in an environmentally-friendly way and communicates a strong understanding of the pros and cons of the chosen energy source.


Roseville Area Middle School, New Ghazibad

Best Land Surveying Practices Award - This award recognizes the design that employs the best land surveying practices, taking into consideration the high standards used by surveyors to help protect the public's safety and welfare.


Rosemount Middle School, Harmony

Building Quality Communities - Awarded to the team that demonstrates how a city government can improve the quality of life for its citizens. This may include the ways that city leaders include others in making decisions or the policies and services that make citizens' daily lives easier and more meaningful.

League of MN Cities

Black Hawk Middle School, Osoto

Best Virtual City Slideshow - Awarded to the team with the highest-scoring slideshow.


Scott Highlands Middle School, Estrella de la Montana

Best Essay - Awarded to the team with the highest-scoring research essay.


Justice Page Middle School, Star Je Novi Mladi

Best City Model - Awarded to the team with the highest-scoring physical city model.


Justice Page Middle School, Star Je Novi Mladi

Outstanding 1st Year Participant

MN FCC Committee

COSP Home School, Paulsville

People's Choice Award

MN FCC Committee

Princeton Middle School, Lanakai City