New York - Capital Region

Regional Coordinator: Diane Bertok & Greg Skiba


We're always recruiting volunteers to work with the Capital District Region Future City Competition. There are various ways you can get involved as described below.

Engineer Mentors work with the student team each week to design and build their city of the future. Mentors are able to share their engineering and technology experience with the students and encourage their creativity in exploring futurist technology advances. Volunteer mentors spend approximately 2-3 hours with the students each week from September through mid-January, at a time determined by the teacher and engineer.

Competition Judges evaluate the team entries for each phase of the program: SimCity Design, Essay, 3-D Model, and Presentation. The judging process starts in November. Judges should plan to attend scheduled training sessions and invest approximately 6 hours in judging team entries prior to the competition. All judges are needed on Competition Day.

Competition Day Volunteers sign up for timeslots for the Competition Day in January/February. Volunteers are assigned activities and tasks for their timeslot prior. Each year, approximately 60 volunteers are recruited for Competition Day.

Committee Volunteers work throughout the year from to organize, plan and fundraise for the program. The committee works through monthly meetings and delegation of planning efforts. Our committee always welcomes new members and new talents.