Regional Coordinator: Colleen Feller

Volunteer as a Judge

Engineers, architects, city planners, and other professionals with technical backgrounds: we need your time and expertise!

2021-2022 Updates

Judges Needed!

Future City provides an authentic STEM experience for middle school students around the country. Engineers created this competition and its success is dependent upon continued support from industry professionals and those in the STEM community. Serving as a judge is fun and rewarding. Judges should have a technical background sufficient to understand and evaluate the student’s work. Engineers, city planners, architects, secondary students, and others in the STEM community are welcome and encouraged to volunteer! Future City provides assessment rubrics and training.

Judging Opportunities:

  1. City Essay – Virtual Judging -- students write a 1,500 word essay addressing this year’s theme (A Waste-Free Future) and describing the unique aspects of their futuristic city. Judges evaluate essays at their home of office from mid-December to mid-January and submit scores online.
  2. City Model Slideshow – Virtual Judging – Due to the pandemic, students will create a slideshow about their city model as the deliverable. Judges evaluate slideshows at their home or office in early to mid-January and submit scores online.
  3. City Presentation – Virtual Judging -- Due to the pandemic, students will record a 7-minute video presentation about their future city. Judges evaluate presentations at their home or office in early to mid-January and submit scores online.
  4. City Q&Ahopefully in-person on 1/22/22 from 8:00am to noon at Dakota County Technical College in Rosemount – Judges attend the final competition, see the students’ city models, and engage in a 10-minute Q&A with students about their project. This will pivot to a live virtual competition on the same day and time if needed.

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*Be sure to select “regional competition judge” and choose “Minnesota” as your region.


Contact Colleen Feller, MN FCC Coordinator, colleen.feller@metroecsu.org or 612-638-1511.