Florida (Tampa Bay)

Regional Coordinator: Kara Van Etten

Volunteer Today as a Future City Judge!

We need Judges!

We’ll provide assessment tools (called rubrics) and electronic score sheets. You can choose to judge any of the following categories:

Virtual City Designs (3 hours from your home or office) Are you looking for a volunteer opportunity that you can do from your home or office? Being a Virtual City Design Judge is perfect for you! You’ll receive several city designs in early December and will have about a month to evaluate them.

City Essays (3 hours from your home or office) Are you curious how students image the future? What solutions will they come up with as they take on this year’s challenge of designing an urban farm that can produce enough of one protein and one vegetable to feed the residents of their city? As City Essay judge, you’ll read several city descriptions (1,500 words max!) where students describe their city, outline their solution and describe how it works. You’ll receive the essays late December and will have until January 6th to evaluate them.

Models and Presentations (Saturday, January 14th, 2017 from 8:15am to 12:30pm) Are you looking for a chance to see tomorrow’s leaders in action? As a judge, you and your fellow judges will see four to five teams present their city’s unique features, learn how they came up with their ideas, and have a chance to ask questions. The 2017 Tampa Bay Future City Regional Competition will be held at the Thurgood Marshall Middle School on Saturday, January 14, 2016.

Volunteer Today! Contact Jessica McRory, the Tampa Bay Future City Judging Coordinator, at JMcRory@Arehna.com or 813-758-4465