2021-2022 Competition Updates

2021-2022 Competition Updates

Future City is continuing several adaptations that were made due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Bookmark this page for continued important updates throughout the program cycle!

Virtual vs In-Person

  • Teams can complete the deliverables in-person (i.e. in a classroom or afterschool program) or remotely (i.e. collaborating online while learning from home). 
  • It is too soon to decide whether the competitions (regionals and Finals) will take place in-person or online. Your Regional Coordinator will keep you updated!
  • Short video: Future City is "Going Virtual"... what does that mean?

Deliverable updates

Each deliverable has a short informational video - find those links below.

City Essay:

  • This year's theme: A Waste-Free Future! Teams will use the three principles of a circular economy to design a futuristic, waste-free city.
  • No change to format.
  • 54 points

City Model:

  • Teams build a physical model of their future city (to scale) using recycled materials.
  • Teams may create a single model OR multiple model segments.
  • Using a provided template, teams will submit a PDF slideshow containing photos and accompanying descriptions of their model prior to the Regional Competition.
  • 55 points
  • Watch this short video about the City Model deliverable.

City Video Presentation:

  • Teams record a 7-minute video presentation about their city.
  • The recorded video is due prior to the Regional Competition. Check with your Regional Coordinator for specific deadlines.
  • The question and answer session with judges will be separate (see below).
  • Rubric is based on presentation content rather than video production.
  • 50 points
  • Watch this short video about the City Presentation deliverable.

City Q&A:

  • Q&A with judges has its own rubric, rather than being included in the City Presentation.
  • In order to maintain the interaction between students and professionals that makes Future City so special, teams will have an expanded 10-minute Q&A session with judges from the engineering, technical, and city design fields.
  • Sessions will be conducted either live in person or via a video conferencing platform. Stay tuned for more updates from your Regional Coordinator.
  • 49 points.

Project Plan:

Remember: the Virtual City is no longer a required deliverable. Teams can use SimCity as an educational tool (codes will be provided) but nothing is submitted or scored.

Educator Support

Future City HQ will continue to host informal, online "office hours" for educators. These are opportunities to ask questions and share your own experiences and best practices. Future sessions will be announced soon!


Email info@futurecity.org.