City Presentation

City Presentation

Students have up to 7 minutes to present their future city and solution to this year's challenge. 

City Presentation Requirements

  • Time allowed: The presentation can be up to 7 minutes.
  • Presenters: Three students will represent the team during the presentation.
  • Use visual aids and props: The model or model segments should be the primary visual aid. Other visual aids could include posters, graphics, costumes, or photographs of the model. No copyrighted materials (such as music, photos, or video clips) may be used. Check the Program Handbook and rules for all size requirements and what is and isn't allowed during the presentation. 
  • Teamwork: The three presenters should share equal time during the presentation and demonstrate a uniform level of knowledge of their future city.

For more details on the City Presentation, read the Program Handbook (available to registrants).

City Presentation Resources


  • Review the City Presentation Rubric in the Program Handbook.
  • Review the Competition Expense Form. The total amount spent on both the City Model and City Presentation deliverables may not exceed $100.