City Presentation


Updated for 2020-2021:

Instead of giving a live presentation to judges at the Regional Competition, teams will record a video presentation (up to 7-minutes). The video presentation is based on the same content as in the past: teams should discuss features of their future city and their solution to the annual challenge: Living on the Moon. Instead of the presentation being followed immediately by Q&A with judges, the City Q&A is now a separate deliverable.

City Presentation Requirements

  • Time allowed: The video presentation can be up to 7 minutes.
  • Presenters: Three students will represent the team during the video presentation. (Remember: these students may be the same or different than the representatives during the City Q&A and Special Award judging.)
  • Use visual aids and props: The model or model segments should be the primary visual aid in the video. Other visual aids could include posters, graphics, costumes, or photographs of the model. No copyrighted materials (such as music, photos, or video clips) may be used. Be sure your chosen visual aids are clear and legible for the online audience.
  • Teamwork: The three presenters should share equal time during the video presentation and demonstrate a uniform level of knowledge of their future city.
  • Scoring: Scores are based on quality of presentation content rather than elaborate video production. Review the rubric for guidance.

For more details on the City Presentation, download the Program Handbook from the Resource section.

City Presentation Resources

  • How to Make a City Presentation Video: This student handout can be downloaded here. The ideas in this resource can serve as a starting point for your team to discuss how to format and film the video presentation.
  • Past Presentations: Recordings of past Champions and Runners-Up can be found online at While the format of the City Presentation deliverable is different this year, past videos can provide ideas and inspiration.
  • Presentation Tips: This student handout offers tips for preparing, practicing, and recording the Presentation video. 


  • Review the City Presentation Rubric in the Program Handbook or download here.
  • Review the Competition Expense Form (in the Resources section). The total amount spent on both the City Model and City Presentation deliverables may not exceed $100.