City Q&A

City Q&A

Three students will represent the team during a live 10-minute virtual question and answer session about their future city with judges from engineering and technical fields. Students should strive to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of all aspects of their project. Judging sessions will be scheduled by your local region. Teams can earn up to 25 points for this deliverable. Remember to review the rubric!

City Q&A Requirements

  • Time allowed: Teams will have 10 minutes to answer questions from a panel of judges during the virtual Regional Competitions.
  • Teamwork: The three student representatives should share time equally and display a similar amount of knowledge and understanding of topics.
  • Team members: The three student representatives may be the same or different students who represented the team in the City Presentation.

City Q&A Resources

  • City Q&A Practice Questions: This student handout will give teams a sense of the kinds of questions the judges may ask by practicing with these questions. Students should also feel confident answering questions like those found in the Living on the Moon: Questions to Consider student handout.
  • Simulated Q&A sessions: Practice answering questions via a virtual video conferencing platform so the students can figure out how to share time equally and develop a system to answer questions without speaking over each other.