Project Plan

Project Plan

Students work with their team to complete a project plan that will help them stay organized, focused, and on schedule as they complete the Future City project deliverables. 

Creating a project plan is a step that many engineers do before they tackle a big project. Creating a project plan will help guide students as they move through the engineering design process by asking them to set goals, make a schedule, conduct periodic check-ins and reflect on their work. The more students get involved in planning their projects, the more invested they will be and the more likely they will deepen their understanding of the content.

Getting Started

Educators, review the Leading Your Team section to learn more about using the Project Plan and Project Management before students get started on their plans. 

Project Plan Requirements

There are four required parts to the Project Plan. These parts are detailed in the Program Handbook and can be downloaded as individual files after registering.

Note: There is no rubric for the project plan. Teams who submit a completed plan (all 4 parts) by the deadline will receive 10 points. Teams who submit a partially-completed plan may receive 5 points. Teams who do not submit a plan will receive zero points. The project plan is typically due a week prior to the regional competition date, but check with your Regional Coordinator for the exact deadline.