Florida (Tampa Bay)

Regional Coordinator: Kara Van Etten

Welcome to Tampa Bay Future City Competition!

Welcome to this year’s Competition. This year’s topic is The Age Friendly City. The students are challenged to identify an age-related challenge that exists in today's urban environments and engineer two innovative solutions that allow their future city's senior citizens to be as active and independent as they want to be.


If you have not already signed up officially online – please do so by going to: www.futurecity.org; the Program Handbook can be found under the resource section. Below are a few important items for this year’s competition:


Your SimCity download codes will be available on your Future City homepage once you complete the online survey. Each teacher registered will receive up to 3 download codes. If multiple teachers are participating from one school, each teacher must register online to receive the SimCity download codes.

There are resources, including download instructions, on the Future City Website to get you started! You are NOT permitted to us a previous version of SC4 installed on your computer.


In mid-October, there may be additional codes available through Nationals.


For the virtual city design, use the virtual city slide show template to get started. There is a sample virtual city slideshow and other resources available online.


Registration runs through end of October. Once you have completed your online registration we will do our best to match you with an engineer mentor. If a student’s parent or an individual you know would like to mentor, please have them register on the Future City Website and we will assign them to your school.


Each school is permitted to bring two teams to the regional competition – A team can consist of students from an entire classroom working collectively on the project. The names of three presenters for each team plus one alternate must be submitted by December 15, 2017 (Essay Deadline).


The registration fee is $25 per school or organization and can be paid online or invoiced and must be paid before the first submittal date. At the Regional Finals, all teams will present their models in the morning. Based on all 4 phases, the top 5 scoring teams will present their model in the afternoon to a panel of specialty judges. For the top 5 teams phase 4, model and presentation, will be re-scored in the afternoon section. Only one team from each school or organization can place in the top 5.


Please note, all student teams, including those from the same school, that attend the Regional Finals are eligible to compete in the Special Award Prize categories.


Please read over the manual, load the software, and begin building your city. Please use the FC training webinars and resources..


The Competition submittal deadline dates are as follows:

PHASE 1 – Computer Design /Score Sheet due – Friday, November 17, 2017

PHASE 2 – City Essay – Friday. December 15, 2017

PHASE 3 – Project Plan – Friday, January 5, 2018

PHASE 4 – Model and Presentation Judging – Saturday, January 13, 2018 – In person Finals


All submittals shall be made through the future city website.


Each Phase of the Competition requires your teamwork, research and imagination skills. Your teams should use the handbook as a guide for resources, and refer to scoring sheets help you understand what the judges will be looking for when scoring your submissions.


Our Committee member who will be assigning engineer mentors to your school is Mr. Christian Ray. Chris will be in contact with your team’s teacher in the next few weeks to review potential mentor matches. You may begin working on the project prior to having a mentor


Educators, start by reading the handbook, and the judging forms. Then take a look at the Educators Guide. There are a few webinars that will help you with each section on the resource page. There are also example models, presentations and essays in the gallery page.


If you have any questions loading the software on your computer, please refer to the Resources section on the website or in the toll free number for support in your manual. You may call me at 727-331-7006. Craig Boisseau is our dedicated engineer to help teachers and students with software and hardware issues.


If your school requires an invoice for payment of the registration fee – please send an email to florida_tampa@futurecity.org and I can mail your school the invoice. Good Luck!


Best Regards,

Kara Van Etten



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We're working on adding detail and functionality to our Regional Webpage but our Calander is up to date and our contact information is correct so please feel free to ask any questions directly.  Please check out the National Web Page for Resources, Rules, Registration and other really cool info.  If you have any HTML experience or have some helpful suggestions for our the Florida(TampaBay Region) Webpage please feel free to contact me at craig.boisseau+FCHelp@gmail.com