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City Presentation


Girl with MurdyStudents give a 7-minute presentation discussing features of their future city and their solution to the challenge followed by a 5–8 minute question and answer period from the judges. Be sure to check with your Regional Coordinator for exact competition times. 

Engineers communicate with a variety of professionals on a daily basis. Being able to orally communicate their ideas and/or a solution to a design problem in a clear and concise manner is a very important skill set engineers should have. For this deliverable, students prepare and practice a presentation that highlights their future city and describes their unique solid waste solution.

Getting Started

Before students get started, be sure to do the following:

  • Review the City Presentation Rubric in the program handbook or download here.
  • View the City Presentation Video Tutorial in our Resources section (filter for Webinars & Videos)
  • Watch presentations from past National Finals winners in the Gallery
  • Review the City Presentation Requirements (listed below)
  • Review required forms: Honor Statement, Media Waiver, Competition Expense Form

City Presentation Requirements

While the model is the primary demonstration aid, students may use pointers, display boards, flip charts, costumes, handouts, and brochures during the presentation. 

  • Display boards: Students may choose either a single large display that must not exceed 60” x 36” (e.g., multiple signs stacked on top of each other) OR two smaller displays shown concurrently, each of which must not exceed 30” x 36” (e.g., two stacks of signs on separate easels.)
  • Flip Charts: If you are using prepared flip charts, make sure your writing does not show through to the next page. Make your lettering BIG & DARK.
  • Costumes: These include anything the presenters wear or carry that enhances the role they are depicting in their presentation (e.g., team t-shirts, cell phones, briefcases, etc.)
  • Handouts and small mock-ups: All items in this category must collectively fit within a 6” x 6” x 12” volume (e.g., a shoe box.)
  • Brochures: Limited to one 8.5” x 11” sheet of paper. 

Stay within the $100 limit. The total value of ALL the materials used in support of the presentation and special awards, including the physical model and costumes, may not exceed $100. All materials must be documented on the Competition Expense Form.

Audiovisual equipment is not allowed. This includes laptop computers, overhead projectors, DVD/video players, iPods, iPads, and MP3 players.

Time allowed: The presentation can be up to 7 minutes, followed by a question and answer period of 5-8 minutes.

For more on the City Presentation, download the Program Handbook from the Resource section.