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Regional Coordinator: Tony Rizzuto


Future City is a fun competition were middle school students design a city of the future. Its a great way to learn about how cities work, while strengthening STEM core subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Join the Future City team today!

Welcome to Future City Georgia. Registration is now open for the Fall 2014- January 24th 2015 competition.

We're at the beginning of the competition. Educators should be having conversations with their classes about cities and the characterisitcs and features they have and which ones they might want in their city. 

Discussions about how cities get their names is also a point of discussion in preparation for the city narrartive essay. 

This year's Theme 

You may also want to start the conversation about Feeding Future Cities. Begin with a discussion of where our food comes from. Our large cities require a lot of food to feed their populations. How much vegetables, fruit and meat does the average person consume? How much land is required to produce that food? You can then look at food production and sustainability. What technologies allow us to maximize food production? What options for urban farming are available and how can they be improved and increaased? 


We will be using the latest version of SimCity. The game is downloaded from the Origin website and is played on the host computer not on-line. Remember to get your IT specialist involved in loading your software and checking firewalls these are unique to each school and can cause problems with the software both downloading, running and accessing the internet. Any technical problem really needs to be addressed by them first. If your school district will not allow you to download the game off the internet onto their computers you may want to see about installing the software onto a home computer. 

Allow your students time to 'play' with the game and learn its features and the effects of design decisions now before they begin to actually design their city. 

Quick Calendar

Registration- Open

SimCity file Due Date- Friday December 5, 2014

Essays Due Date- Friday December 12, 2014

Physical Model Due Date- Saturday January 24, 2014

Team Presentation Due Date- Saturday January 24, 2015 

Regional Competition- Saturday January 24, 2015

Keeping in Touch

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If you have any questions just send us at email. 

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