Virtual City Slideshow (optional)


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Team are no longer required to create a Virtual City using SimCity software as part of the Future City Competition. However, students can still use SimCity as an educational resource to help them understand how cities work and the best ways for them to be designed and managed. Be sure to read the full Program Handbook in the Resources section. 

Creating a virtual city is a great way for students to learn how a city develops and changes over time. In SimCity students play the role of mayor, and will see how early decisions (like where to place their roads, power plants, or industrial zones) can affect the development of their city and the well-being of their Sims. While playing, students must make tough choices that affect their city, the environment, and its inhabitants.

Not only will students explore the systems that make up a city, (how they develop and how they interact with one another), but students also consider consequences and tradeoffs as they apply to city development. The concepts that students learn while playing SimCity can benefit them as they work towards completing the project requirements -- although, starting in the 2020-2021 season, this is no longer a judged deliverable or a requirement.

Getting Started

Before students get started, be sure to download and review the following items: