California (Northern)

Regional Coordinator: Dan O'Malley & Debbie Eitner

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NorCal Regional Competition

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This year’s challenge

The 2020-2021 Future City theme is Living on the Moon.

At night, surrounded by stars or clouds, the Moon looks distant and lifeless. However, it holds a place of unique beauty and dominance in the sky and has been inspiring humanity for eons. Dreamers of all kinds—artists, science fiction writers, scientists, engineers—have imagined a thriving city on the Moon, one with healthy people and a resourceful, sustainable ecosystem. New ideas are constantly being dreamed up and tested.

The students’ challenge: Design a future lunar city and provide examples of how your city uses two Moon resources to keep your citizens safe and healthy.

The full challenge and suggested research resources will be available later in the summer.

We’re looking forward to seeing what innovative ideas our young participants will dream up, especially given the relevance of this topic in recent events around the world.

Additional Info

  • Project Plan due 1/16/21
  • Essay due 1/16/21
  • Model slideshow and video due on 2/6/20
  • Special Awards video due on 2/6/20
  • Final Forms submitted 2/6/20
  • Verbal Presentation Video due 2/13/20
  • First Round live Q&A 2/15-2/19 after 4PM
  • First Round final day for live Q&A 2/20/21
  • NorCal Final Round 2/27- Top 5 teams and Special Awards Ceremony