Regional Coordinator: Lynn Olson, P.E.

Welcome to the Idaho Region of the Future City Competition™.  This website contains information about the Idaho Regional Competition for interested students, teachers, parents and volunteers.   

About Future City Future City™Competition, in its 28th year nationally and 16th year in Idaho, is a free educational program for sixth, seventh and eighth-grade students run entirely by volunteers throughout the state. It is a national program that fosters an interest in math, science and engineering through hands-on, real world applications.

 The Future City Program combines an engineering challenge with a "hands-on" application as students present their vision of a city of the future by working in teams along with their teacher and a volunteer engineer mentor. Teams of students (minimum of three per team) will perform the following tasks:

  • Students are given SimCity4 software, which they use to design their own "future city" while taking into account real life design considerations such as energy needs, traffic density, and pollution.
  • Next, the students research and write and essay on a given engineering topic. This year's theme is Clean Water: Tap Into Tomorrow. Teams will choose a threat to their city's water supply and design a resilient system to maintain a reliable supply of clean drinking water.
  • The students must also build a model (50" x 25" x 20") of a portion of their city using recycled materials.
  • Finally, they present the whole package to a panel of judges at the Idaho Competition.

The preparation starts in August-October. Regional competitions are in January.  


Mark your calendar for the 16th Idaho Regional Competition that will be held on Saturday January 25th at Boise State University in the Jordan Ballroom.

Dates and Deadlines - The submittal deadlines for the program deliverables include:

  • Sim City - Friday, December 6th (accepted up to a week late (12/20)  with point deductions)
  • City Essay  -  Friday, December 13th (accepted up to a week late (12/20) with point deductions)
  • Project Plan - Saturday January 18th (accepted up to a week late with a 5 point deduction)
  • Model/Presentation - Saturday January 25th at the 16th Idaho Regional Future City Competition at Boise State University in the Jordan Ballroom.


Results from 15th Idaho Regional 2018-19

Below are results from the 15th Idaho Regional Future City Competition.  This year's competition included 37 teams from 17 different schools. Participants came from all over Idaho including Ammon, Blackfoot, Boise, Caldwell, Coeur D'Alene, Garden Valley, Homedale, Kuna, Ketchum, Meridian, Nampa, Riggins and Sandpoint!

1st place went to Sacred Heart Middle School's Future City Baru Students Sean Myler, Molly O'Sullivan and Megan Woodworth, along with teacher Carol Gado and mentor Dan Gado will represent Idaho at the 27th National Future City Finals February 15-20 in Washington, D.C.  Congratulations and good luck at Nationals!

2nd place went to Garden Valley School's Future City Lusca 

3rd place went to Homedale Middle School's Future City Imperium 

4th place went to Heritage Middle School's Future City Helios 

5th place went to Salmon River Jr High School's Future City Palm Island  

Below is a list of the special awards, their sponsors, and the winning school and future city:  

  • Lowest Life Cycle Cost (American Society of Civil Engineers Southern Idaho Section - Gizmo CDA School's Future City Century City
  • Most Sustainable Use of Existing Resources (Boise State University College of Engineering) - Heritage Middle School's Future City Mineropolis
  • Best Electrical Power Delivery System (Bonneville Power Administration) -  Cole Valley Christian School's Future City Sunrise City
  • Most Innovative Design of Water Infrastructure Systems (Brown and Caldwell) - Ernest Hemingway STEAM School's Future City Atlantis
  • Most Innovative Approach to Overcoming Obstacles (Community Planning Association of Southwest Idaho) -  White Pine Charter School's Future City IO
  • Best Built Environment Compliment to Natural Environment (Forsgren Associates ) -  Heritage Middle School's Future City REKT
  • Best Use of Innovative Construction Materials and Techniques (HDR) -  Heritage Middle School's Future City Helios
  • Best Virtual City (HP) -  Homedale Middle School's Future City Imperium
  • Best Protection of the Public’s Safety through Engineering Practices (Idaho Society of Professional Engineers State & Southwest Chapter)  -  Falcon Ridge Charter School's Future City Taree'uus
  • Best Commercial/Industrial Layout (Idaho State University College of Science & Engineering) - Washington Elementary's Future City Granite City
  • Best City Essay  (Idaho STEM Action Center) - St. Mark's Catholic School's Future City New Rome
  • Best City Model  (Idaho STEM Action Center)  - Garden Valley School's Future City Lusca
  • Best City Presentation  (Idaho STEM Action Center) - Sacred Heart Catholic School's Future City Baru 
  • Most Multimodal Transportation Network (Institute of Transportation Engineers – Idaho Chapter) -  Salmon River Jr. High School's Future City Palm Island
  • Hydroelectric Resiliency  (Jacobs) -  White Pine Charter School's Future City Kacoa
  • Best Transportation System (Kittelson & Associates, Inc.) - Ernest Hemingway STEAM School's Future City New Athens
  • Excellence in Resilience Engineering (Materials Testing and Inspection) - Cole Valley Christian School's Future City Kilmana
  • Materials Science (Micron, Inc.) - Sacred Heart Catholic School's Future City Rejirinsu II
  • Best Land Surveying Practices (National Council of Examiners for Engineering & Surveying) -White Pine Charter School's Future City Kacoa
  • Best Futuristic City (Parametrix) - Falcon Ridge Charter School's Future City Yeetopolis 
  • Best Project Plan (Project Management Institute Western Idaho Chapter) - Sacred Heart Catholic School's Future City Baru
  • Greatest Impact on Community (St. Lukes) - Cole Valley Christian School's Future City New Utopia
  • Best Management of Water Resources (Sponsored by Stantec) -- Falcon Ridge Charter School's Future City Falcon City
  • Best Use of Renewable Energy (STRATA, Inc.) - Cole Valley Christian School's Future City Kilmana
  • City Design that Best Incorporates the Diversity of its Citizens (Sunrise Rotary of Boise) - Idaho Arts Charter School's Future City Port Lux
  • Best Structural Design for Disaster Performance (Tamarack Grove Engineering) - Homedale Middle School's Future City Imperium
  • Best Consideration of Air Transportation (T-O Engineers) - Garden Valley School's Future City Thunder Falls
  • Multidisciplinary Solutions (University of Idaho College of Engineering) - Garden Valley School's Future City Lusca